Build and Grow Beneficial Relationships that you can Turn into Profit.

Psst! The secret's in the #Email.

Do you sometimes cringe at the thought of selling on the Internet?


I know. Scary.


What do you think it takes to succeed?


Is it about how “out of this world” your product or service is?

Is it about the “cutting-edge” technology behind it?

Those things surely count.


How about the “second-to-none” features and the “unbeatable” price point?

Let's be honest -  there are other competitors with second-to-none features and unbeatable price points too.


So, what is it about then?


It’s all about your tribe.


What connections are you making now and how are you nurturing them?

What value are you providing your potential clients that they won’t find anywhere else?

What stories are you selling them?


These things count more.


Are you looking to Build a Following that you can Turn into Profit every time?


Email marketing can:

Win you raving fans - that will buy everything you sell.

Increase your brand recognition.

Personalize your marketing - and boost engagement.

Save you money.

And help you track your metrics.


Add Storytelling to that and you can:

Hit the right emotional chord with your customers.

Breathe life into your brand, in a way that nothing else can.

Take your customer on a journey they yearn to experience.


But where do you even start with those marketing emails?  

How do you harness the power of #Story?

What do you write?

How do you write it?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • A magical tactic proven to balloon your engagement rates.
  • How to avoid lazy email copy that bores the life out of your readers.
  • How to make a grand entrance - your amazing first sentence.
  • How to craft sentences so scrumptious your readers lap it up in gulps.
  • The secret sauce for writing hypnotic email copy.
  • How to get your emails opened - and pinned to the top.
  • How to craft attention-grabbing headlines.